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Vans and commercial vehicle sales set to increase in 2016

Motor vehicles generally are on the increase in Australia. The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics believes there has been an increase of approximately 1.1m motor vehicles on the road since 2012. This makes sense in a country in growth, however what is also interesting is the growth specifically in light commercial vehicles in this period.

Not only did commercial vehicles grow, but due to their popularity, they now take up a larger percentage of the vehicle landscape than they did back in 2012. In fact there are now an extra 230,000 light commercial vehicles on the road, meaning more people are driving them than ever before.

It’s likely that this trend will continue on into 2016 and beyond as more businesses look to commercial vehicles to support their ever growing business needs, as firms become more widespread and not limited to geographical locations.

It’s not surprising then, that as more people are looking to drive a commercial vehicle, that more and more companies are become available to offer that service. Whereas previously car companies would uniquely rely on passenger vehicles for sales, what we are seeing more and more nowadays, is companies also supplying and buying commercial vehicles to account for this growing usage across Australia.

It means that your options as a buyer or seller of a commercial vehicle are as big as ever. And whilst you could still choose the traditional “car yard” method to buy and sell in commercial vehicles, there are now plenty of online options for car sellers that are making it even easier to do your business there – just like with passenger cars.

Well respected automotive online companies such as now include great options for commercial vehicles too, with all the benefits they have already established within the passenger vehicle market. Benefits like quick valuations and quotes, being available 7 days a week to fit around your business, quick payment options to suit your company such as cash straightaway or even a 24 hour bank transfer so your cash is not tied up in assets for long.

There are also options out there for companies to visit you to buy your commercial vehicles, meaning that during busy business schedules, the companies can work around you.

So there’s never been a better time to be buying or selling commercial vehicles. It’s a growing trend that is set to continue, and now increasingly not only are online companies offering this service, they are experienced in the area. It means you can be sure you are dealing with an expert, not just someone who is treating you like you a passenger vehicle seller or buyer. They can also offer great features and packages that you may struggle to find in offline businesses, so are well worth investigating the next time you are looking to buy or sell a commercial vehicle.


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Selling Your Car | The Top Options Reviewed Car Yards, Private & Online

If you are considering selling your car, you may find yourself asking should I sell privately or leave it to a car yard. Selling privately has many advantages, you’ll generally make more money and can sell your car on your own terms. However, car yards offer a quicker sale than if sold privately but you will receive less money. Lets take a look all the options a little closer to see what suits you best. You might be surprised to learn that there are a couple of new options in the private sale side of the market that could be a game changer.

What to Consider before Selling your car

– Popularity of your model of car

You must take into consideration how popular the make of your car is.  If your car is a popular make, for example, a Mini Cooper, you should have no problem making a private sale. If your car is not so popular you may need some help to sell from a car dealership or other channels. But how can you be sure if your car is a popular model or in demand? Check around online – a quick search for your model will give you an idea of the competition, the demand – well you can assess that if the prices for that model are high.

– Finance owing on the vehicle

How much you owe on your car might have a bearing on your decision to sell privately too. If you need a quick sell to fund your new purchase, then waiting around online for the ideal customer to come along may not be the best option for you.
Generally, people who have the quickest and easiest private sales have got a car with low mileage, a popular model, in good condition with all the accompanying paperwork at hand.

Selling your car privately  | the pros and cons

Selling your car privately is often a slow and tedious process. It can often take weeks or months, the truth is sometimes people aren’t able to sell their car at all! You would also have to deal with the hassle of keeping your car clean and continually washing it during this time. Potential buyers will also often expect you to drop what you’re doing at a moment’s notice so that they can see your car. You will need to constantly make yourself available for test drives.  These are the obvious downsides.

The positives often outweigh the negatives. The number one reason people turn to this method is the hunt for a better deal. Dealerships are the middleman and they are infamous for taking sellers for a ride.

Online Car buying companies 

There is a new trend emerging in the US, Europe and Australia in recent years. Direct sales online. In response to a perceived gap in the market, there has been an influx of car buying companies emerging online. These companies offer a no nonsense business model. You call them and hey offer you a price for your car over the phone. No road worthy, busted tail light…it’s all taken into account in the final offer. If you’re driving a Lexus or a Lada, they will still make you an offer and ultimately, you don’t have to accept what they’re offering. Easy Car Sale ( is one of the new breed of online car buying businesses in the market and, like many in the industry, they claim you can go from call to car sold in under 24 hours. Many of these companies will even come to your home of office. Time’s they are a changing!

tough old car to sell

Car Yards

If you decide to give your car to a car yard to sell, it is assumed that you will get less for your car. However, handing over the sale to a car yard takes the stress of trying to find potential buyers off your hands. You don’t have to worry about negotiating on price, fixing up and cleaning your car. As well as that you don’t have to try organise viewings with potential buyers who are most of the time, complete strangers.  It’s the age old quick fix.
Like some online car buying companies, car yards will take a car in pretty much any condition. They’re not overly fussed about worn out mats, dirt, scrapes or dings. If your car has got engine problems, many dealerships will even tow the car to the car yard for you. Selling your car to a car yard is a quick and easy process when compared to a private sale, you simply sign on the dotted line and the deal is done. This is where car yards can get a bad wrap – bending sellers over a barrel when they are under the squeeze to get enough cash together for their new car.
The best choice for you

All in all it really depends on your own situation whether you should go for a private sale, car yard or new breed of online vehicle buyers. There is a lot to weigh up, but who’s to say that you can’t try them all? Start online, call an online car buyer to get an offer an finally head to a car yard if all else fails! Ultimately this is all a win win for sellers. You have more choices today than your parents could have ever dreamed of. Sometimes this causes more headaches of course, but an extra grand in your back pocket will buy you a few Panadol so you can get over it quicker.



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How to get the most cash for your car

If you’re reading this, you are probably hoping to sell your second hand car. No doubt you want to sell for the highest amount of money that you can. Well there are a number of ways to do this.

First of all, your car should be clean! Nobody will make a good offer on a car full of dirt, crumbs and rubbish. A dirty or messy car will look a lot less valuable than a clean, glistening one. Remove all rubbish, vacuum the floors and seats and polish the dashboard. Don’t forget the trunk! You should also take your car through a car wash or give it a good wash itself.

The exterior of a car is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Wax your car and tip up any scratches or marks with car paint.  A well-presented car will also reassure a potential buyer that the vehicle was well taken care of.

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to make your car look spic and span. These ways include Replacing old and scruffy floor mats will give your car a much better appearance inside. If your car seats are looking a bit worse for wear, consider buying some inexpensive car seat covers.  Be careful not to overspend as expensive replacements may sell your car quicker but they will not increase the car’s value by much

Make sure to have all paperwork related to your car available for new potential owners to look at. This will allow any interested buyers to see if the car was ever in an accident, when it was last serviced, if it is roadworthy and so on. Place all repair bills in a folder, in chronological order, including oil changes and so on. When advertising your car, make sure to mention that you have all of this paperwork in your possession.

Make sure to not ask too low of a price for your car. There are plenty of websites or online sites on internet where you can enter your car details and get an approximate up-to-date valuation. You are more likely to sell your car at a good price if you know what it is currently worth.

If anything, you should have an asking price that is 5% to 10% higher than what you are hoping for. That way, a buyer can negotiate the price and you will still sell for a price you are happy with. The buyer feels like they have gotten a bargain and a great deal at less than asking price. You the seller also leave the sale happy with plenty of money in your pocket!

When you think your car is finally ready to hit the market, try listing it in a variety of online sites. Carsales, classifieds like Gumtree and a tip you might not hear that often – Facebook. There are a bunch of car buying, selling and used goods groups that you can list your car on quickly and best of all it’s free. Just search in Facebook for car buying, car selling or sell my car and see what you find. Good luck and happy selling!


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The death of car yards | Car sales techniques for 2016

We’ve all been there – walking up and down traditional car yards looking for our next car. Such a large amount of choice coupled with the ability to touch, feel and test-drive the cars made it a pretty memorable experience. It’s the reason why car yards still operate in large amounts today.

However, as we get further and further into the 21st century a shift is definitely occurring in our buying habits. Sure, when buying a brand-new car, our preference still sits firmly with the car yard – that need to sit in the brand new car, make sure it feels right. Take a good look all around it, and more importantly take it for a spin are all crucial parts of the buying process for a new car. It’s a lot of money and you want to be sure after all.

car yard salesman

But, when we talk about used cars, the momentum is definitely shifting away from car yards and into the online space. There are numerous reasons for this of course, the biggest is of course the first image that comes into your head when mentioning used cars, and that’s the used-car salesman. We all have an acute awareness of the potential for dodgy businessmen that overcharge us or give us the hard sell, when all we want to do is browse in peace. Unlike new cars you never know if you are getting the best deal and you’re also unlikely to have the best experience.

So people migrate to online for this purchase, and it’s understandable why. There’s plenty of choice for the consumer depending on what your particular preference is. And also these companies have long established themselves as reliable – unlike that dodgy used-car salesman.

The largest car selling website in Australia is and it has the largest choice available. It may seem then that this should be your go to place for buying a used car online. But there are plenty of options to suit your preferences.

Some people for example would prefer to sell to a person, just with the scale and reach of the internet. And this is where online classified sites like Auto Trader and GumTree thrive as it is clearer who you are selling to, and the fact you can set your price means you will get the price that you want for your car.

However, what this doesn’t guarantee is a quick and easy sale. Your car could be on the classified sites for months without sale, and some people these days prefer a quicker and easier car sale. And that is where direct consumer to car buyer websites have begun to emerge, offering a quick and simple service to those buyers who want a hassle-free experience.

So as you can see, the online space is definitely where the market is growing, with plenty of choice and value. And that means that less and less of us will be opting to traipse around the car yard in the next few years, and instead opt for a smoother online experience.